Easy Ride UB: Ridesourcing platform which connects passengers and drivers


2016-01-26 11:41 GMT+8

Amar Baatartsogt, Co-founder and GM of the EasyRide ridesharing services explains on the new introduction to the UB transportation scene.

-When was EasyRide launched? Can you tell us a bit more about the app?
-EasyRide is a ridesourcing platform which connects passengers and drivers through the internet. The service was launched in November 2015, so we are a two-month-old technology start-up. Every day we are learning from our users and working to improve the platform. Our goal is to improve urban mobility through technology and assist UB municipality in building a SMART city.

-Who are the founders of EasyRide? How did you come up with the idea and launch the platform?
-The founders are a group of young Mongolian professionals with experience in different industries. For instance, I have a background in marketing & PR, while my partners are experienced in finance, insurance, software development, logistics & mining. We realised that the Mongolian market was lacking a platform that connects passengers with drivers. Hence we decided to invest our time in building this venture.

-How did people react when you launched EasyRide? What was the general feedback?
-EasyRide received a pretty positive response from people (many are active on our Facebook page). From the first day, we had lots of users eager to test the app and they were surprised to see drivers were accepting their requests. On the other hand, drivers are happy to be getting more ride requests than usual. They understand how it helps them save time, gas and money by not driving around in search of passengers.

-How many active users do you have so far?
-EasyRide is growing at a steady pace and we currently have more than 10,000 users. We are hoping to successfully connect more than 100,000 people in the next six months. People deserve to travel conveniently.

-Do you have any expansion plans?
-Currently, we are happy to focus on serving the community in UB, hence we don't have any expansion plans at the moment. We are working to reach as many people as possible, so they can benefit from using our platform. We are interested in partnering with other organisations in order to increase awareness about ride sharing and how our efforts can help reduce the city traffic.

-Thank you. 

If you want to download EasyRide application;

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