B.Chinbat: "I wanted to let people know that there was a Mongolian behind the music heard by the world"


2016-02-04 14:57 GMT+8

I told Aretha Franklin that working with her was great honour to me. Then I finished my career in US

-You were silent for last two years?
-Yes. After performing my “Davtagdashgui” (Inimitable, ed.) concert, I took break for two years. I thought about many things including what music should I compose further as theconcert has satisfied the audience and created expectations among people on what music I will compose.

Besides I have written new music past two years. I will release them very soon and I am looking forward to present my music to the ears of the audience. Previously, I went to US with the aim to find myself. I intended to experience the real-world show business, art and challenge myself if in case there were chances to do so.

I think that Mongolians are lucky. All I wished for was fulfilled and came true like in a fairy tale during my stay in the US. On the other hand, I understood that if one has dream, wish and desire, one will always find a way to achieve the goal.

-It was a great success that you have been chosen as one of the five main musicians to perform with living legend Aretha Franklin. You have reached the peak millions of musicians dream of. But I still wonder why you refused that opportunity and come back to your homeland?
-I am very lucky person. My position found in US is a dream for millions of musicians. Aretha Franklin had created me favorable condition to play with the music. Of course I faced many challenges in away from home in a foreign country, the thought that “I am Mongolian” was encouraging me.

I learned many things while working with Aretha Franklin. I said her after the concert held in New York: “I would like to go back to my country. It was a great honor to work with you. I really appreciate for everything you did for me until today.” Thus, I finished my career in US.  

-It was an unexpected decision. On the other hand, you took very brave step.
-My colleagues have thought of me as my nerves have gone bad. They told me “We do not understand why you are making such a decision. This success could not be reached easily by anyone who wants it. The lucky one who reached it must spend his live for that.”

My decision became high kick to Aretha Franklin too. No one has left her until today, even the Asian one. She is a singer of the sky. I always had heart beat for my country, which has led me to make that decision. I really wanted to show what I have learned in US. My country has called me.

-Before you left for US, you questioned yourself on what am I doing right now. Have you found the answer?
-Yes indeed. I will deliver the answer through my music very soon. I was in love with pop and rock music at my early age. USA is the home of pop and rock music. Especially, it was originated from the Afro-American. Following that, rest of other music genres including R&B, hip-hop, rock, blues, jazz were born. Therefore, I understood that I should go to USA. I spent seven years there and I have never regretted for choosing USA. 

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I arranged the music for the inauguration of the President of USA Barack Obama. It was luck that I have reached this level

-Have you ever pinched yourself when playing with world celebrities?
-I played at Radio City Music Hall in New York for a special event celebrating Mandela Day. There, I was standing with actors, singers and musicians who are always screened on TV. At that time, I felt that I should pinch myself. Most recently, I had my heart in my mouth when I was standing on the same stage with Stevie Wonder. It was an amazing and unforgettable moment.

-The path to your success is quite interesting …
-Of course, the path was not straight. At first, I was playing in a bar in US for two years where opened me the door to have many friends. Also, my family supported me to pass this road to success. No one has given up. In US one should have money all the time. I have overcome the obstacles and challenges with the support of my family. I wouldn’t have reached this peak, if I didn’t have them. Also, Mongolian blood and mind affected to my success.

As I am Mongolian, who whispers his desire to sun and moon as well as who prays to the eternal blue sky, I prayed to Hollywood mountain that if the lords of the sky and land as well to whisper my wishes succeed here.

-Your wish came true besides you did the music arrangements for the inauguration of the President of USA Barack Obama.
-Yes, Aretha sang her “Country Tis` of Thee” single at the inauguration of the President of USA Barack Obama. I arranged the music of this song in cooperation with H.B.Barnum, record producer of Hollywood. It was luck that I have reached this level.

I was not praised much at that time. Only Mongolians residing in the USA have found about that. Also the entire world heard that music. I just wanted to let people know that there was a Mongolian behind the music. I remembered that I called my parents just before the inauguration ceremony.

-What was the path to having to arrange the music for such event?
-Hollywood producer H.H.Barnum is my brother from another mother. We understood each other through music in a very short time. He is more than 70 years old. We have become very close friends and we spent unforgettable moments. I will never forget his words of encouragement to me. He opened my door to success.

Meeting with gorgeous people in my life is blessing of my forefather

-Art historian Ts.Uranchimeg said that as Mongolians give the wrong image, foreigners have no idea about Mongolia. However, I think that foreigners became familiar with Mongolian potential and talent through your success?
-I had historic chance to have conversation with Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State when I was performing with Philadelphia City`s orchestra. She learned to play piano from the early ages and she surprised me with knowing that I am Mongolian.

She encouraged me with words “pretty good”. We must express ourselves to the world as much as we can. Our athletes are very energetic. Arts and writings expressing Mongolia should be released more. I would be happy to have my part in that.

-When you were studying at Music and Dance College, front lead of Niciton Bachka offered you to join his band.
-Yes. Singer Bachka came to me and asked me to join his band. That was one of the unforgettable moments of my life. I have spent many wonderful moments in my life. All masters of golden ages including Namsraijav, Murdorj and Mend-Amar were my teachers.

-Meeting with gorgeous people in your life is considered as blessing?
-Of course. Plus my talent granted by my parents affects. On the other hand, it is blessing of my forefather. My success is a seed, raised by those people.

This country and the land is favor of our ancestors which we should carry proudly. For me, I feel lucky by growing and experiencing the ups and downs of my country. As I look back, the moments that we were standing in a queue for bread during the movement to democratic society from socialism remain as good memories.

-What are you thinking right now while looking at the window?
-City looks as plain as the noose on my face through the window. The very first thought was frustration, how do we live in the midst of such smoke curtain. Smoke exposes everyone whether one is wealthy or poor. Mongolians must be healthy and breathe fresh air. My recent works relate to nature, world and motherland.

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We must not reject our country, we should take our country to the development of the world

What is your best work?
-I have never thought that I did the best work.

-Why? Or you might be satisfied with all your works.
-No. First of all, I prefer quality. Then I finish it at my level. I do not contain any thought by concluding.

-When will be your career finished?
-I will write music until my death or my body motor stops.

-You have performed at world famous stages with the millions of audience. How did you feel when you perform on a Mongolian stage?
-After my arrival from USA, I played at concert of composer L.Balhjav. I had an amazing feeling. I have decided to stay in my country no matter what. I was excited to see my Mongolian audience and I wanted to love them more. We must not reject our country, we should take our country to the development of the world. Now we have world standard stages in our country. We are going forward.

-Do you ever have a feeling of burden when you are working on music? Do you feel like you have to finish it no matter what?
-Yes. I have that feeling. I had strange feeling when I was composing the music for the play “Romeo and Juliet” for one month. On one side it is hard feeling, it is happy from the other side. The moment to take break after finishing the work is very amazing. It is the happiest moment when your work satisfies the producer.

-Music is great a tune. It helps people to concentrate?
-Indeed. It certainly concentrates people. It takes us to another dimension, right? We meditate with music. It means we can travel beyond the boundaries. 

A little boy 4-5 year old conducted legendary singer of Mongolian long song N.Norovbanzad

-Could you share your childhood dream? Have you ever imagined your current success?
-I dreamt of becoming good pianist and the best composer. When I was in 5th grade, I won at youth composer competition and went to Japan for travel. There was a wish tree in Sapporo city.

Everyone was praying to that tree and flying kites. I wrote my wish on a paper and hung it on the tree. I do not know whether the tree was a real wish granter or not. Anyway, I am doing well now. My wish at that time was to become the best pianist and the best composer.

My first song was “Hangain Duu” (Song of the Land, ed.) and I wrote it in my 5th grade.

-As your parents had worked at National Song and Dance Ensemble for their lifetime, your childhood spent near stage, right?
-When Mongolian Hero of Labor and legendary singer of Mongolian long song N.Norovbanzad came on a stage, a little boy 4-5 year old nodded his hand like a conductor. She sang while smiling at me. Even the lighting technician reflected lights to that little conductor.

I see the smile, song, tune and melodies of singer N.Norovbanzad in my eyes. Those people led me to music industry.

-When do you get motivated the most?
-It is hard to say specific moments. I think a lot before composing music. Previously, I was composing music with emotions. I offered my music to Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer and he liked. When I first met him, he was composing the music of Kung Fu Panda. He thinks a lot prior to composing the music. Lately, I learned to spend time for thinking.

-Have you ever compose music when you were upset?
-When I feel upset, I quit working. Technically, I am not into such kind of bad mood often. However, I realized that loosing parents kills the soul of people. The only song I have written when I was upset is “Setgeliin Guilga” (Begging of the Soul, ed.) dedicated to my father. 

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I wonder how I wrote those millions of notes

-I admire music composers when I think about them. How they come up with those beautiful melodies…
-Yes, I have that kind of thought too. When I look back at my works, I wonder how I wrote those millions of notes. The answer is maybe the nature motivates me and offers those tunes.

-You hear music in your brain not in your ear, do not you?
-Yes. Music of play “Romeo and Juliet” was heard that way. Mainly, I hear the chorus at first. I write down the music of chorus on a paper and do the music arrangement. It is very unusual process. That song made many people cry.

-After playing the music of “Queen Manduhai The Wise” movie, you were driven by your desire to write film music and composed the music of “Aravt” film. The music was highly rated by the music masters?
-It is true. Composing the music of historic film was my dream. It was fulfilled magically. I would like to express my gratitude to producer of “Aravt” film D.Zolbayar. I worked on that music while I was in USA. I wrote this music with feeling of missing the grass, land and beauty of my country. My soul that had that longing for my homeland has created such music.

-How often do you meditate? What is constantly on your mind lately?
-As time goes, people meditate on many things accidently. When people at their twenties, they run around to have fun while people at thirties start to think over. People become formed at forties. I think I should do more things at my forties.

There is no need to talk about at what age one leaves this world. However, I will create more if I live to my old age. I want youth to create more. People at their thirties say they are old. I really do not like that kind of attitude. People more than 70 years old living busy by having no time to think about illness in USA. If you have age granted by the god, you should keep moving forward until your death. I prefer expressing my opinion through music than in many words.

-What do you want to deliver people through your music?
-I would like people to be proud and feel the pride. I want to remind them of country with powerful history.

-Thank you for your interview. Good luck on your artwork.

"As time goes, people meditate on many things accidently. When people at their twenties, they run around to have fun while people at thirties start to think over. People become formed at forties. I think I should do more things at my forties."

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