MIAT to launch local flights in mid of April


2016-02-25 13:35 GMT+8

Wednesday, The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg ran the “Hour for solutions” weekly meeting, convening G.Nyamdavaa, a head of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and T.Tamir, CEO of the Mongolian Airlines (MIAT).

The Premier reminded them that the government has been implementing several-phase measures focused on people of remote regions, especially of western provinces, for example, petroleum prices in aimags have been reduced by 150-350 Togrog per liter to the level of the capital city.

He said that the workers who are constructing auto roads in the western aimags should be given an opportunity to be carried by airplanes. “The paved roads work, aimed at connecting the provinces' centers to the UB city, has been successful but the workers have to spend much time to get to these aimags, for instance, small-sized planes--the only air transport in localities--fly over three hours,” the Premier noted and suggested a possibility of shrinking this time by putting large planes into the local flights.

Khovd aimag has a nice paved runway suitable for large airplanes, moreover, flights can be performed from there to neighboring Bayan-Olgii, Uvs and Gobi-Altai provinces, he said adding that  ticket prices may be reduced for these flights.

The Premier obliged the CAA and MIAT leaders to work out proposals on the matter, and said the expansion of the local flights would also boost the tourism, and that it is necessary to connect Ulaanbaatar to cities of the neighbor countries through transit flights. "The MIAT must develop the 'state-private sector' partnership in the airline sector under a mutually-beneficial principle".

T.Tamir said that, by the governmental earlier direction, the MIAT had carried out feasibility studies together with the "Aero Mongolia" company on reducing ticket prices of local flights and on improving the services and reached a concrete concurrence. “MIAT plans to perform flights to the western aimags from this April 15, while 'Aero Mongolia' will keep its small planes in Khovd aimag, and it means MIAT will transport passengers to Khovd by its large airplanes, and 'Aero Mongolia'--by its small planes to Bayan-Olgii and Zavkhan provinces”.

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