What Mongolian women want?


2017-03-08 09:56 GMT+8

International women`s day is celebrated widely in Mongolia. In regards, we deliver you the photo report of Mongolian women who shared what they want from social as well as their own wishes. 

E.Shurentsetseg, a mother of two children, wants fresh air to breathe for her children.

G.Enhzaya is a tailor. She wants all Mongolians to live peacefully and healthy.

S.Baigalmaa works as teller at Khan bank. She wants people to be patient and become more respectful of each other.

Munhtsetseg. She wants urban guys to be friendly and respectful of each other.

G.Guamaral is a student at 33rd secondary school. She wants to become talented actress in the future.

Ts.Altanzul is a pharmacist. She wants people to love themselves. Because she thinks that people who love themselves live happily.

M.Altantuya works at City Landscaping company. She wants drivers to become more cultured and not to throw trashes through their windows to the lawn.

E.Saranhuhuu is an International Master of free-style wrestling. She has trained for six years. A woman, who always inspired by his son, wants to show great success in sports.

G.Mungunzul works as driver at Atibus LLC. She wants passengers to be mannered and respectful of each others.

B.Lhamtogtoh works at Tsegts LLC. She wants all systems of Mongolian social to be fair.

B.Ariunsanaa is a student at National University of Education. She wants to become a good teacher in the future.

Ts.Batjargal works as biology teacher at 33rd secondary school. She wants young generations to be mannered and educated.

B.Bolortuya is a gynecologist at Enhjin women`s clinic. She wants young girls and women to improve their health knowledge and take good care for themselves.

Ts.Altantsetseg, T.Tsolmon and Z.Narantuya work at  Maral restaurant. They want all women in Mongolia to be happy and good.

D.Nina. "I wish my country to become more peaceful"

A.Munhsuvd is a senior police inspector of Chingeltei district. She wants more peace in Mongolia and she wants every citizens to know their rights and duties.

Ts.Delgermaa and M.Munkhsakhan are students at 23rd secondary school. They want every child to be safe and happy. Girls also want other girls to behave properly.

B.Nomin-Erdene, a dancer at Sun Dance club. She wants youths and children to spend their free times productively.

B.Namuun works as reception at Sansar supermarket. She wants success at her career and to have nice family.

Photos by B.Nyamdari and O.Zoljargal

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