Mongolian Football Federation organizes Symposium 2016

Editor L.Byambadorj

2016-03-12 15:00 GMT+8

Today, Mongolian Football Federation (MMF) organized their 1st Symposium at Blue Sky Hotel.Attended in the event was A.Ganbaatar, MFF president, and S.Lambaa, the state secretary of the Ministry of Health & Sports, Tommy Moller Nielsen - Fifa representantive, Mr. Mikhael Muller,  a representative from Germany Football federation, Mr. Vaithilingam Subramaniam, a representative of AFC and Imai Junko, a female representative from Japanese Football Association and other MFF officials and guests.

Opening speeches were given by A.Ganbaatar. "Good morning, thank you for attending in the 1st MFF Symposium. I'm grateful for MFF for organizing this wonderful event. I would like to express my deepest gratitute to our honorable guests who came long way to participate and give speeches on the development of football in Mongolia. MFF came long way since it's established in 1959, joining AFC in 1997 and Fifa in 1998. Today's symposium is the first one ever organized from MFF including other international football federations. We plan to hold this event annually to discuss our long term development plan, share plans and reach concrete solutions that will benefit and develop our organization to international level. I'm sure we can define and set the new foundation philosophy of MFF today." said A.Ganbaatar.

Following MFF president's speech, S.Lambaa, the state secretary of the Ministry of Health & Sports, talked about the importance of professional trained coach for the future development Mongolia's football world. He also highlighted the success of Mongolian athletes in international tournaments in single man/woman sports but team sports are lacking behind. Mongolian President's decree on promoting team sports is in action and the ministry of Health & Sport will support and provide necessary assistance to MFF.

Invited represetatives of Fifa, AFC and JFA gave speeches about the need to have professionally trained coaches in Mongolia. Although MFF is young and small compared to other international football organizations but it came long way in the past decade. Mongolia already have talented young generations of players, but the lack of international certified professional coaches, and solid long term development plans are the main issues MFF needs to resolve. They all agreed that to develop football in Mongolia, the system needs to focus on the right policy and man management. Another thing they all highlighted was the concern on technical department. To solve all these challenges, government policy and financial support is definitely needed. Since MFF is member of Fifa and AFC, they have been cooperating with these organizations closely to get necessary assistance. The key to successful development of football in Mongolia is to design specific training programme that is suited for Mongolians, weather and condition. If you copy another programme that works for other countries or clubs, it might not work here. That's why Mongolia needs to design and develop geniune, programme that works best for their people.

Unfortunately, Mr. Steven Lewis, a representative from UEFA could't arrive due to flight delay.

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