MEF 2016: Green Business

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-03-30 14:59 GMT+8

Plenary session on Green business starts and is being moderated by the D.Nergui, CEO, Mongolian innovation commons partners, founder and BoD member of Mongolia Green Building Council, economist.


  • S.Oyun, MP
  • Sir Paul Judge, Chairman, Schroder income growth fund
  • D.Tumurkhuu, BoD member of TOC program, Mongolian bankers association, CEO of Arig bank
  • D.Gankhuyag, CEO, Clean energy Asia LLC
  • Jon Lyons, country representative, Global green growth institute
  • Uchida Haijime, chief representative, Sumitomo mitsui banking corporation  


  • Experience in green business
  • Green business and innovation 

Moderator D.Nergui emphasized that green business topic might be new, but it is very relavant topic to us. 

First question: What would be the role of business sector in sustainable and long-term development of Mongolia? 

S.Oyun, MP: Green business has bright future 

"Five years ago, issues related to environment and green business have not discussed much. This issue is addressed at the policy level in worldwide in past five years. If you notice, heads of 150-160 countries discussed and approved the sustainable development goal at UN General Assembly, held in September, 2015.  

The reason of talking about the environment is that the world is becoming not enough for us. According to the increase in population, food, energy and water consumption have increased. In 2015, 70 percent of the world population is expected to be settled in the city. Thus, the consumption grows rapidly and the global population will rise to 11 billion at the end of 21st century. Therefore we need to change our attitude as consumption expands.

Green business has bright future and is beneficial. It is time to join in green business. Investment banks declared not to invest in coal. Consumers started to support only eco-friendly business. Thus, businesses need to focus on that."

D.Tumurkhuu, BoD member of TOC program, Mongolian bankers association, CEO of Arig bank:

"Arig bank is working to establish green loan fund which is targeted for environmentally friendly companies. Green development is created by the multilateral engagement results between the citizen, companies and the government."

Sir Paul Judge, Chairman, Schroder Income Growth Fund:

"Mongolia has only three million people and is rich with its territory and cattle. The Government must solve the environmental issues including air pollution and desertification at first.  

Previously, London was one of the most polluted cities like Ulaanbaatar city. Therefore, the air pollution in UB city can be solved."

Uchida Haijime, Chief Representative, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation:

"It is impossible to develop business not protecting or caring the environment. Attitude to business in 19th century became the opposite today. Now it is important to proctect nature and environment when operating a business."


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