MEF 2016: Mongol Dream

Editor L.Byambadorj

2016-03-30 15:55 GMT+8

Plenary session on Mongol Dream starts. Mr. Byambasaikhan.B, Executive Director of Erdenes Mongol LLC is moderating the session. 


  • Mrs. Nomin.Ch, director, Mongol HD television 
  • Mr. Enhmunh.Z, director, Sant school
  • Dr. Unenbat.G, National cancer center
  • Mr. Ariunbaatar.G, State honored actor, 
  • Ph.D Batzaya.B, postdoctoral research fellow in Harvard Medical School


  • Possibility to increase youth participation in politics 
  • Define ways to help youth reach their dream 

Moderator B.Byambasaikhan: "To simply say it we all came here to discuss the opportunity. We all have a dream. For me mongol dream would be freedom of finance."

Enhmunh.Z, director, Sant school: "In my opinion unity and education is Mongol dream." 

Mrs. Nomin.Ch, director, Mongol HD television: "I am m glad to be among these incredible young leaders. I think I am not qualified enough to define Mongol dream. But I would like to invite all of you here in this hall to think and discuss as a group."

Dr. Unenbat.G, National cancer center: "Mongol mind is the sum of all Mongolians. It is too big to focus on one person`s measurement."

Main topic of the discussion was "equal opportunity".


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