MEF 2016: Break out session on Safe food-Sustainable business

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-03-31 12:10 GMT+8

Break out session on Safe food-sustainable business, moderated by Mrs. Narantuya.J, lawyer, starts.


  • Mr. Enhbileg.G, Head of Operation, Talh Chiher
  • Mr. Ariunbold.S, Director, Royal Resource LLC
  • Mr. Bazar-Uugan.N, Executive Director, Talh Chiher
  • Mr. Battugs.J, Director, Nuudelchin Agro Farm 
  • Mr.Tsogtgerel.O, Founder, Director, TESO Corporation 


  • Short and long term solutions to increase export
  • Challenges in exporting qualified goods
  • Challenges that need to be resolved ​ 

Mr.Tsogtgerel.O, Founder, Director, TESO Corporation: 
"It is time to reform agricultural system. Actually, we still transport milk and meat with truck. We have facing many difficulties in agricultural sector including technical obsolescence, legal, packaging and vaccination. We have to export healthy, safety and sustainable products. But first we need to plan and complete preparatory work."

Mr. Ariunbold.S, Director, Royal Resource LLC:
"There must be many companies directed at export. I would like to congratulate on Teso corporation and Nuudel Agro which became the first companies directed at export. Also the Government have to decide and identify the sector to support in order to increase export." 

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