MEF 2016: Break out session on Innovation-Business Opportunity


2016-03-31 14:42 GMT+8

Break out session on Innovation-Business Opportunity commences. Ch.Lodoiravsal, chair of Tsahim urtuu NGO and member of EMOS club, moderates the session. 


  • Mr. Bathuyag.D, Director, Technology transfer and innovation center, Mongolian university of science and technology 
  • Mr. Khashbayar.D, Director, technology transfer and innovation business development center
  • Ph.D. Batzaya.B, postdoctoral research fellow in Harvard Medical School, Harvard - MIT Health Science and Technology
  • Mr. Ganzorig.Ch, PhD in chemistry, Dr. Eng.
  • S.Erdenebat, CEO, Startup Mongolia 
  • Mr. Myagmarnaran.B, director of training committee of JCI progress chapter 


  • Supporting start-up businesses
  • Access to the Global market 

Presentation on Innovation-Business Opportunity by Mr. Ganzorig.Ch, PhD in chemistry, Dr. Eng.

He emphasized that we have opportunity to encourage innovation.

"This year our country ranks 104th out of 140 countries at Global Competitiveness Index. Mongolia has high competitivness of higher education and training. However, innovation in Mongolia collects the lowest score at Global Competitiveness Index."

There are;

  • 10 start-up businesses with 30 innovations under the Minister of Education, Culture and Science,
  • 110 start-ups with 230 innovations under the Science Park,
  • 200 start-ups under Startup Mongolia NGO. 

He concluded that there is no innovation based on Mongolians demand. 

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