MEF 2016: Plenary session on Sustainable Development Policy 2030

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-03-31 17:20 GMT+8

Plenary session on Sustainable Development Policy 2030, moderated by Mr. Badamdash.D, Exexcutive director of Eagle News Agency commences at Grand Hall of State House. 


  • ​Beate Trankman, UNDP Resident Representative, UNs Resident Coordinator, 
  • Mr. Garamgaibaatar, MP
  • Mr. Byambatsogt.S. MP and Head of Minority Caucus at Parliament 
  • Mr. Oyunbaatar.Ts, MP and Deputy PM
  • Mr. Demberel.S, MP 
  • Mr. Battsereg.N, MP and Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism 


  • The importance of "Long Term Development Policy Concept of Mongolia-2030", passed by the Parliament, and challenges in its implementation and further steps 

Sustainable Development Goals 2030 was approved last year at United Nations General Assembly meeting and Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj signed official document.

Beate Trankman, UNDP Resident Representative, UNs Resident Coordinator:
"SDG is now made into SDP-2030 in Mongolia, including 17 programmes which will be implemented over 15 years. Government needs to align their policies with their objectives. Another important consideration is funding and private sectors, international organizations and governments need to engage and collect necessary financing for these 17 programmes. It is pleasure to say that UN is ready to support Mongolia. UN will focus on providing effective support."

Mr. Garamgaibaatar, MP:
"Scientists and researchers in all sectors drafted the Sustainable Development Policy. We approved many SDP before. However most of them were not implemented. 

Parties to draft platform based on long-term development policy starting 2016.  

Mr. Byambatsogt, MP:
"We, as a whole nation, is in bad shape because we made lots of mistakes in the past"

During Q&A, renowned economist N.Dashzeveg, made some aggressive comment. He said "All of these numbers doesn't fit at all. Government reducing poverty percent to 18%? Is this a joke? It's like a wish-list."

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