3000 shoes demonstration at Chinggis square

Photo Journalist D.Javkhlhantugs GoGo.mn

2016-04-07 15:09 GMT+8

Temperature in Ulaanbaatar city was cold and windy today. However 3000 shoes demonstration held at Chinggis square. 

People left their shoes with their opinion written on the paper. 

When would new party and new generation come out?

I want to work as my profession even I have not job experience

Let`s promote our traditional culture

Let`s improve the state services

I am afraid

Do not elect current MPs again

Implementation of long named law

We want to live healthy

I do not want to walk on unpaved road

State awards became priceless

We want city without air pollution

Stop buying people`s vote

Who is the owner of the National Park?

Air pollution

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