Common traffic rules of UB

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-04-20 09:02 GMT+8

Are you new to Ulaanbaatar? Then you might be confused with the traffic rules of Mongolia. You will notice that regular traffic jam is common in UB. Because we have narrow roads and too many cars. In rural areas, it is common to drive on roads with only one lane in each direction . 

According to the Mongolian law, it is mandatory for drivers to carry their driver license and vehicle certificate at all times.

Being a driver in Ulaanbaatar is easy, if you learn main traffic rules below:


Maximum speed limit within crowded districts where apartments and houses (residential area) are located, you will find this sign: Maximum speed limit - 20 km/h. 

Maximum speed in the city is 60 km/h, maximum speed outside of Ulaanbaatar is 80 km/h. 

Starting February 1, 2016, every driver received 10 points which will be deducted depending on one's traffic violation. Two points will be deducted if you violate speed limit and you will be fined by MNT 48,000. 


City council managed an alternate driving system in order to decrease traffic jam:

  • if your license plate number ends with 1 or 6, you can’t drive on Monday;
  • if it ends with 2 or 7, you can’t drive on Tuesday, 
  • if it ends with 3 or 8, you can’t drive on Wednesday,
  • if it ends with 4 or 9, you can’t drive on Thursday,
  • if it ends with 5 or 0, you can’t drive on Friday.

Vehicle license plate restriction in the UB city applies between 8AM-8PM during all seasons. 

All vehicles are allowed to participate in traffic during the weekend. However, during some special events or holidays including Tsagaan Sar and ASEM, license plate restriction is set during the weekends by even and odd numbers with the aim to decrease traffic jam. 


In order to drive in Mongolia, one must have valid driver's license. If your drivier's licence is registered other foreign countries that are member to Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic, then you can apply to exchange it for a Mongolian driver's license. 

You will need to bring following documents:

  1. Passport or temporary residence permit and its certified copy 
  2. Certified translation of driver's license and its certified copy 
  3. Driver`s white page (you can take it from the service hall)
  4. Health examination paper
  5. 3x4 sized color picture
  6. MNT 12,500 (Bank account: 900012408)

For more information on driving license, please contact (+976) 70003663. 


The Mongolian law on traffic requires the vehicle owner to carry a car insurance. Also it requires drivers to carry the insurance papers at all time. Insurance fee depends on the car classification especially on the sizes. 

  • MNT 12,500 for “А” class vehicles/small
  • MNT 33,000 for “B” class vehicles/midsize
  • MNT 42,500 for “C” class vehicles/large size etc. 


Do not park in places where parking is specifically prohibited. Your car will be towed away if you parked in non-designated areas. Car towing fee ranges between MNT 55,000-80,000. 


Capital city people's representatives chairman's resolution number 28 in 2015 states that vehicle, automobile tax, air pollution and road usage fees are to be paid accordingly to the last number of vehicle's license plate and relevant month. (Example: Plate numbers ending in 3, 8 will pay in March; 4, 9 will pay in April...)

Vehicles, automotives will not be permited to participate in traffic and will pay fine if the owner have not paid their tax and fees. 


There are some obvious places and times where you should take extra care like busy intersections, schools, parks and residential areas where children and others have a greater need of crossing the road. Also, in wet weather, people may hurry and take risks. At night remember that pedestrians may not always be aware. Be careful when approaching parked cars or buses. It is difficult to see or anticipate whether people will cross roads behind them. Slow down at pedestrian crossings or intersections, specially if you are turning. You must give way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing. Not all pedestrians look before they step onto a crossing. So watch out for anyone approaching and be ready to stop. 

That's all there is to know. Remember above rules when you are driving in UB. Also you might have noticed that cameras are now installed in most roads of UB. If you violate any of the traffic rules, fine letter will be sent to your home address. Drive carefully, someone loves you. 

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