Tuul river starts flowing


2016-04-27 15:09 GMT+8

Latest trend on the social media were the post related to the Tuul river, where the poster complaining about Tuul river stopped flowing due to building a pool for ASEM villa. Therefore, GoGo news agency made two-day reports.


Tuul river started flowing yesterday. Ph.D and Head of Water Sector, Information and Research Institute of Meteorology Mr. G.Davaa said that Tuul river reached its lowest level this year. But it reached 94 cm yesterday. Reason of the low level was cold weather. In other words, ice cover in Gachuurt, Bosgo bridge and Terelj areas have started to melt due to rising temperature. Therefore, the Tuul river started to flow. 

Also he noted that construction of ASEM villa have not affected the flow of Tuul river. 

People are guilty of the thick ice cover of Tuul river. We need to plant trees for reforestation in 6300 square km areas of Tuul river in order to increase the river level. Also we need to implement proper management by removing camps located near the river. If we save underground water and re-use graywater,  we can prevent this from happening it again.​

Below video shows Tuul river flowing near Viva town.  

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