Roberto Benes: Children are our future. Human capital is top priority and most important area of investment in Mongolia.

Editor L.Byambadorj

2016-04-28 10:22 GMT+8

GoGo Mongolia invited Mr. Roberto Benes, UNICEF Country representative for Mongolia to talk about his personal opinion, experiences of Mongolia and the works of UNICEF in Mongolia. 

Mr.Roberto Benes has been working for UNICEF for the past fifteen years in different regions of the world, in both child protection and social policy related areas.

We have touched some key areas such as:

  • Education in Mongolia
  • Biggest concerns for children's right
  • UNICEF operation in Mongolia
  • Cooperation with Mongolian government
  • Future plan of UNICEF in Mongolia
  • Issues on child support and labour
  • 2 messages from Mr.Roberto Benes to our audiences

For more information, please watch the full interview below.

UNICEF in Mongolia

UNICEF has worked in Mongolia for over 50 years. But an representative office opened in 1991. Over this period, the country and its people have experienced dramatic transformations that have brought about different challenges – a transition from a centrally planned to a market economy with strong democratic values and institutions; from a low-income to a lower-middle-income country; from a recipient of development aid to a leader in the promotion of multi-lateral diplomacy and human rights.

In response to Mongolia’s increasing capacities, development and economic growth, UNICEF has gradually re-focused its work in the country to better accompany and support the Government in ensuring that every child reaches his or her full potential. 

While the scope of the UNICEF programmes may have changed over time, the organization’s core mandate has not: UNICEF is in Mongolia to reach every child.

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