International "Ulaanbaatar Marathon" on June 4


2016-04-29 09:07 GMT+8

International "Ulaanbaatar Marathon" on will be held on June 4. The marathon has 2 categories -- Amateur and Professional. Starting line will start at Chinggis Khaan square and after running specified routes, runners will finish back at Chinggis Khaan square.

The professional category is divided into semi - 21 km; and full - 42 km distances. And amateurs' marathon is divided into 3 distances with 4 age groups. Specifically, 5 km distance will include ages between 12-17, 18-35, 36-54, 55 and above; and 10 km distance includes everyone above age 18. 

There is also marathon designed for families and people with disabilities for 1.5 km distance.

Full marathon (42 km) winner prize:

  • First place 10 million MNT
  • Second place 8 million MNT
  • Third place 6 million MNT

Amateur's marathon 10 km winner prize:

  • First place 500,000 thousand MNT
  • Second place 400,000 thousand MNT
  • Third place 300,000 thousand MNT

Amateur's marathon 5 km winner prize:

  • First place 300,000 thousand MNT
  • Second place 250,000 thousand MNT
  • Third place 200,000 thousand MNT

Runners who finish in 4-10th places in any category will be rewarded with medals, certificate and cash prize.

Entrants may register at online or go to relative sports committee in your district or capital city sports & physical culture office. Registration deadline is May 30, reports Capital city Public Relations department.

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