Memorial Statue for 20th Anniversary of ASEM to be built


2016-05-27 12:20 GMT+8

L.Purevsuren, Minister of Foreign Affairs, D.Ganhyag, Head of Working Group of ASEM Preparation, L.Orgil, Deputy Head and B.Bayasgalan made press session yesterday on ASEM preparation. 

National council established by the order of the President  to organize ASEM 11th summit has conducting preparation in few areas, such as construction of the ASEM villa dedicated for the high-level guests, increasing the capacity of hotels and preparation of skilled workers and volunteers. 

Firstly, they gave high priority on Chinggis Khan International Airport and Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia funded MNT 21.7 billion and completed the concrete surfacing of the landing and take off strips and the construction of nine aircrafts' parking lot. Therefore, aircrafts' parking lots of Chinggis Khan International Airport has capacity of 34 aircrafts. Moreover they commissioned new transit hall. 

In scope of UB city landscaping, total of 13 streets and squares is being landscaped and renovated. Also City Governor`s Office is working to build memorial statue for 20th anniversary of ASEM.  


Construction and accomplishment of ASEM villa has finished. Currently, planting and landscaping work is being conducted. Selection of service staffs to work in ASEM villa have started. Over 40 partner hotels to accommodate official delegations ensured the preparation and reservation have already begun. E-booking, integrated reservation system is available at


"Nomad Naadam" cultural and national sports event for high-level delegations is scheduled to be held. In scope of this event, parking lots with 400 cars and 3.4 kms of roads at Chinggisiin Huree tourist camp is being constructed. 

Accomplishment of press center located at the Shangri-La hotel is being conducted. Over 800 journalists from both foreign and domestic will work at the center and European Broadcasting Union to manage the broadcast of the meeting. 

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