Sumo wrestler Kyokutenho Tsevegnyam retires


2016-05-30 09:35 GMT+8

N.Tsevegnyam with his mother Ya.TsevelmaaSumo wrestler Kyokutenho Tsevegnyam's retirement ceremony took place yesterday at Ryogoku sumo town in Tokyo.

N.Tsevegnyam was one of the very first Mongolian sumo wrestlers in Japan and he announced his retirement after Nagoya basho.

In Feb 1992, 15-16 year old boys N.Tsevegnyam, D.Batbayar, B.Enkhbat, Ts.Batjargal, Munkhbold, Tumendemberel along with translators Tseveesuren set foot for the first time at Oshima stable to wrestle for sumo.

And March of that year, first Mongolian wrestler had competed in Osaka basho, thus opening a new page, Mongolian sumo page, in sumo world. Out of the first 6 teenagers, 4 of the them returned home because of environmental, cultural and home sick reasons. With persuasion from their Oshima stable teacher and friend B.Enkhbat, N.Tsevegnyam and D.Batbayar started wrestling again.

After 24 years, Kyuotenho Tsevegnya retired on May 29, 2016.

Some 8000 people arrived at his retirement ceremony and other 420 people of family, friends, fellow sumo wrestlers, and artists came on stage for top-knot hair cut off ceremony (chonmage).

We bring you some of his official retirement photos as sent by B.Davaa, sumo wrestling photographer at Japanese 'Baseball magazine".

N.Tsevegnyam and his familyN.Tsevegnyam with his sonN.Tsevegnyam with his friend D.Batbayar /retired sumo wrestler and MP/N.Tsevegnyam with his motherN.Tsevegnyam with his oldest daughterKyokushuzan D.BatbayarAsashoryu DagvadorjYokozuna Hakuho DavaajargalYokozuna Kakuryu AnandYokozuna Harumafuji Byambadorj

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