Children`s day celebration of districts start today


2016-05-30 09:50 GMT+8

All districts of UB to hold events for children`s day at their squares according to the special program. Some events to be organized today.

Districts When Venue Events

Bayangol district

2016.05.31 at 3PM UB Place /Open Air/ Events for children`s day

Bayanzurh district

2016.05.31 at 1PM Cultural center /Janjin club/ Joint event with concert

Chingeltei district

2016.06.01 at 11AM Independence square Joint event with concert

Suhbaatar district


At all khoroo
Events for children`s day

Han-Uul district

2016.06.01 at 11AM Cultural center  Events for children`s day
2016.05.29, 30,31
At all khoroo
Events for children`s day

Songinohairhain district

2016.06.01 at 12PM

Hui doloon hudag
Joint event for children`s day in cooperation with Mongol Naadam complex

Joint event for the children`s day to be held at Chinggis square at 11AM on June 01. 

City Education Department is organizing the event with the aim to introduce the achievements of "Book", "Talent" and "Teacher" programs as well as to promote children`s talent and skill. 

500 children to play "Haluun elgen nutag" with flute and 500 children to plat "Mongol ayalguu" with morin huur (horse fiddle). 

Also 1000 children to perform choral singing and over 2000 children to do mobile gymnastic. 

Moreover, 1000 children parade to be held while works of children to be exhibited. 

"Mongol boy" children`s day event, initiated by the Mongol Naadam Complex, will be held at Hui doloon hudag on June 01 with the aim to promote Mongolian tradition, culture and Naadam festival. 

At the event, following activities will be organized: 

  • junior wrestling competition
  • junior archery competition 
  • junior cycling competition 
  • "Mongol Naadam which I know" painting contest
  • children`s song contest 
  • mini basketball competition among families

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