Peking to Paris 2016: Restart in UB

Photo Journalist D.Javkhlhantugs

2016-06-17 11:29 GMT+8

The sixth running of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge begun on Sunday 12th June 2016 as 110 crews cross the start line at the Great Wall of China in Beijing with an 8,500-mile rally ahead of them. Competitors will cross eleven countries including Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Russia and Belarus before entering Europe to reach the finish line in the centre of Paris on Sunday 17th July.

Today they restart from the Chinggis Khan square. They have arrived in UB on June 16 while they will leave UB today and will head to Bulgan aimag. 

Day  Date Route Country Kms
Day 1 Sun  12 Jun 2016 Peking to Datong China 388
Day 2 Mon  13 Jun 2016 Datong to Erenhot China 573
Day 3 Tue  14 Jun 2016 Erenhot to Undurshireet Mongolia 400
Day 4 Wed  15 Jun 2016 Undurshireet to Ulaan Baatar Mongolia 360
Day 5 Thu  16 Jun 2016 Rest Day Ulaan Baatar Mongolia  
Day 6 Fri  17 Jun 2016 Ulaan Baatar to Bulgan Mongolia 343
Day 7 Sat  18 Jun 2016 Bulgan to Murun Mongolia 350
Day 8 Sun  19 Jun 2016 Murun to Uliastai Mongolia 390
Day 9 Mon  20 Jun 2016 Uliastai to Chjargas Lake Mongolia 350
Day 10 Tue  21 Jun 2016 Chjargas Lake to Olgiy Mongolia 350
Day 11 Wed  22 Jun 2016 Olgiy to Altai Republic Russia 180
Day 12 Thu  23 Jun 2016 Altai Republic to Aya Russia 550
Day 13 Fri  24 Jun 2016 Aya to Novosibirsk Russia 560

More crews are taking part in the 2016 outing than ever before, with 50 cars dated pre-1942 in the Vintageant class and 60 in the Classic class dated pre-1977. The 2013 Classics winner, and the oldest competitor in the event, Gerry Crown from Australia will complete in the mighty 1974 Leyland P74. Gerry, aged 84, has competed in all five of the Endurance Rally Association’s revivals of this epic adventure.

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