UNICEF and Mobicom sign Memorandum of Understanding

2016-06-23 09:19 GMT+8

Strengthening partnerships for child-focused corporate social responsibility

UNICEF Mongolia and Mobicom Corporation, the country’s leading communications services and technology company, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) yesterday.

This signature represents a major step towards strengthening partnerships with private sector to advance child-focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Mongolia.

CSR within UNICEF refers to efforts towards positively changing business behaviour and practices as they affect children in collaboration with a range of stakeholders, including companies, governments, civil society, children and young people.

Along with Mongolia’s economic growth and its recent classification as an upper middle-income country, the private sector has progressively increased its contribution to the local economy, opening opportunities for CSR and public-private-partnerships. UNICEF Mongolia, within its mandate to advance the rights of all children, particularly the most disadvantaged, is uniquely positioned to play a technical advisory role to industry leaders, such as MobiCom Corporation, with a view to enhancing their CSR policies with a specific focus on children.

MobiCom Corporation has a proven track record of its commitment to children’s rights, as seen with its support to the establishment of the toll-free child helpline as well as its child-focused CSR priorities.

“MobiCom is delighted to sign a cooperation MoU with UNICEF to extend our CSR efforts focused on children of Mongolia. Together with our partners MobiCom has made a notable impact towards child protection and improving basic hygiene condition for children in rural areas. We are confident that through our collaboration with UNICEF, we will make even greater impact for the wellbeing of children, which is the main focus our CSR initiatives” said David Holliday, the CEO of MobiCom.

The agreement sets the stage for leveraging corporate leadership, resources and expertise to support children in Mongolia, as well as advocacy for the strengthening of the country’s policy and legislative environment to be more conducive for the protection and realization of children’s rights. Within the scope of the MoU, UNICEF and MobiCom Corporation also pledge to work together in a critical area related to the information technology industry – child online protection – through awareness raising and on-going action-oriented assessments of the opportunities and risks for children in the online world, in accordance with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and UNICEF Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection.

UNICEF Mongolia and Mobicom Corporation will jointly introduce innovative technological platforms to foster the participation of children and youth, promote awareness and respect for children’s rights as well as the Child Rights and Business Principles among the public and business community in Mongolia, the MoU states.

“We are delighted to join forces with MobiCom today around such critical child priorities. We are certain that this partnership will help us tackle challenges and maximize opportunities for children in an areas of great relevance both to MobiCom and UNICEF using innovation as a key strategy to deliver results” said UNICEF Mongolia Representative Roberto Benes.

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