N.Naranbaatar: This year's Naadam festival will take you through four historical eras of Mongolia

Editor L.Byambadorj

2016-07-06 13:26 GMT+8

Director of National Academic Drama Theatre, State Honored N.Naranbaatar has been selected to direct and produce this years Naadam festival.

He briefly give Naadam visitors some insights on what to expect from this years festival.

N.Naranbaatar: "Mongolia has great and rich history. Spending lot of money doesn't necessarily mean the festival will be amazing. Since our economy is in slump, we have no other choice but to limit our budget and be resourceful.

Our ancestors had great tradition, customs that we should still follow and value today. In the old days, Mongolians valued water like one's eyes, they never washed their head in river, and never wasted any water.

So this year's Naadam will take visitors through four historical eras of Mongolia -- starting from Hunn era, the Great Chinggis Khaan era, Bogd khaan era and People's revolution era. The main idea of this year's Naadam festival is try to give people "what will we do without water, and how important water is to our lives". Let's stop here because it is no fun to reveal everything before the festival. You should come and see what we have for you."

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