Railbus to serve from Dund gol station to Khui doloo khudag during Naadam

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2016-07-07 09:51 GMT+8

Transportation routes during the Mongol Naadam festival.

  • On July 11-12, 159 buses in 24 routes will run from east and north areas to Dunjingarav Market through Olympic street and Namiyanju street
  • 55 buses in 8 routes will run from west and south areas to Misheel expo centre
  • Also Dunjingarav - Central Stadium route will have 15 service bus; Dund gol station - Central Stadium will have 3 buses with 3-5 minutes return time, serving free-of-charge to Naadam visitors
  • 20 buses will serve in route to Khu doloo khudag from bus station in Mahatma Gandhi street behind the Central stadium on July 11-12; and from Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) on July 13; also 20 microbuses will run from 3rd, 4th khoroolol, 7 buudal, 5 shar, XMK and "Officers' Palace" bus stations.
  • RAILBUS will serve in Khui doloo khudag route from Dundjingarav Market on July 10-14. While 5 buses will serve free-of-charge from Davaa Urtuu train station to horse racing field. 
  • Taxis will serve in around six stops near central stadium
  • 702 buses are to run in public transportation during Naadam festival
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