ASEM Summit participants issue Statement on International Terrorism


2016-07-15 17:23 GMT+8

Heads of state and government of Asia and Europe, presidents of the European Council and the European Commission and Secretaries General of the ASEAN, who are taking parts in the 11th ASEM Summit being held in Ulaanbaatar, issued a statement on July 15th in concern of the series of terror attacks taking place not only in Asia and Europe, but also in the other corners of the world, uniting their voices against all forms of terrorism.

The statement acknowledges that terrorists must be sentenced according to the UN Statute and other international laws, and emphasizes the countries will fight consistently against terrorism.

All attendees condemns for the loss of the families and friends of the victims, who lost their precious lives to the brutal attack, which happened in Nice of France, just a few hours before the start of the 11th ASEM Summit.

It reads:

" Statement of ASEM Leaders on International Terrorism

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 15 July 2016

We, the Heads of State and of Government of Asia and Europe, the President of the European Council, President of the European Commission, and the Secretary General of ASEAN, meeting in Ulaanbaatar on 15-16 July 2016, reiterated our strong unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes.
Following the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and Asia and in many other places, as we have seen in Nice a few hours before our Summit, we strongly condemn the heinous and cowardly terrorist attacks perpetrated, resulting in the unacceptable loss of innocent lives and countless injuries.
We express our deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, to the people and to the governments of various countries which have suffered from terrorist attacks resulting in the loss of innocent lives. We reaffirm our commitment to join forces to fight the plague of terrorism and underline the need to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and other obligations under international law."

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