New ministers of the cabinet appointed


2016-07-21 19:11 GMT+8

Today Board of Directors of Mongolian People`s Party held its meeting and appointed the new ministers of the cabinet. 

Belonging Ministry Name of the Ministers
Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Hurelsuh
Minister of Mongolia, Head of the Cabinet J.Munhbat
Minister of Environment and Toursim D.Oyunhorol
Minister of Foreign Affairs  Ts.Munh-Orgil
Minister of Finance B.Choijilsuren
Minister of Justice  S.Byambatsogt
Minister of Labor and Social Welfare N.Nomtoibayar
Minister of Defence B.Bat-Erdene
Minister of Construction and Urban Planning  G.Unurbolor
Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports   J.Batsuuri
Minister of Road D.Ganbat
Minister of Mining and Heavy Industries   Ts.Dashdorj
Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Indistries Ts.Anandbazar
Minister of Energy D.Tsengel
Minister of Health J.Tsolmon
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