Second branch of Gumuda concept store opens at Shangri-La Mall

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-08-03 16:00 GMT+8

Second branch of Gumuda concept store, aims to collect all products of Mongolian designers at one spot, has opened at 1st floor of Shangri-La Mall. 

The theme of the store is "Proudly produced in Mongolia" and the products on sale in the store – clothes, jewellery and gadgets – reflect that.

They do not sell clothes only, here you can buy wooden bow tie, coloring book, fashion sketch book, Apple and Android certified usb cables, CD, dream catcher, silver jewelleries etc...

Currently, the store is working with 70 designers and producers.

The clothes that you liked the most may not have perfect size for your body. However you can order your size and your order will be ready within a day or up to 10 days. Thus you do not need to wander around the city to find a designer. 

The store opens at 10am - 10pm everyday. 

Following is the names of brands and designers cooperating with Gumuda concept store:

Hairiin Hurim (Love Wedding) Michel & Amazonka Monalun Mongol Brand
Avant Mongolia Futuristic Type White Comma  Deer Brand
LiVon Brand  Choice Shoes  Urangooider Queen Fashion House
Erdenes Red Bow Ties  Mystery EZA Fashion
E.F.F Enkhjin Donna Bayar Kadr OGO
S Shoes Suvd-Erdene Shoes Uyanga Bags Bianco Nero
Insight сэтгүүл Nomadd Tech Huidan air sofa Moma fashion sketch book 
Mandala colouring book  Mandakh Fashion Monroze Bugat Esgii
Chandmani ties Mode Tsagaanaa Jewelry Novelty LLC
Hazaar Hiits Choi Goo Choker Uujin Trend
Erhem Sweet Melody Amin shigtgee BD`s design
Jewel House Biligt Guruus Zolboo Accessories Agaar
GB Lingerie Nomt Bolor Flow Pow Magnolian
Seoul Guide Book  Andre Jewelry Dreamcatcher by Saraa Mandakh

Note: First branch of Gumuda concept store is located at B1 floor of Dior building and opens at 10 am to 9pm everyday. For more information, please clicHERE

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