ULAANBAATAR PASSPORT: Discover 15 hottest places of the city with 90 days visa

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-08-08 11:28 GMT+8

ULAANBAATAR PASSPORT is a pocket size passport helps you to find the best entertainment places including galleries, museums, clubs and lounges of UB city. 

Just like your international passport you will have 15 visas to different places, each offering many deals after you get stamped. The passport is available on sale at MNT 58,900. 

Selling points:

  • Cooperating agencies
  • ICC Tower
  • Online
  • Delivery

Why you need to buy the passport?

  • It remains unique feeling besides offering a good time
  • We will offer you places to spend fun time 
  • You can save your  money 
  • It is the collection of the most interesting places of UB city 
  • Every locations on the passport offer exclusive deals and discount 
  • Ulaanbaatar passport is your guide book
  • Discover new places and friends 


  • Stamp on passports to confirm your visit to the places 
  • It is a new challenge for you to visit all the places on the passport 
  • You will discover awesome places worth visiting  
  • Keep your passport and keep your memories 
  • 90 days visa to experience the best 15 places of UB 

Who should buy the passport?

  • Curious
  • Innovator 
  • Independent 
  • Adventurer

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