Rocco Suckert: We are proudly serving Italian taste with polite and courteous services

Journalist A.Odontuya

2016-08-16 09:06 GMT+8

We interviewed with Mr. Rocco Suckert, founder of German Prime Doner and Pasta Girl fast food restaurants. 

-Why did you decide to open German Prime Döner in Mongolia?
-When I first came to Mongolia in 2010 during my vacation, I traveled around the countryside and met with many friendly people. Then I really wanted to live here and we moved to UB in 2013. I have found that UB has no places serving döner tastes like German. Therefore, I have decided to start my fast food restaurant and founded our company in Mongolia.

-Are you chef?
-Yes. I am professional chef of German, Italian and French cuisine. I had worked as a chef at the biggest German restaurants for about 20 years. Also, I had worked in Mongolian restaurants as a chef. Currently, I work as a restaurant consultant in other restaurants. 

-Why did you decide to open fast food restaurant? Why not restaurant?
-Originally, we have not interested in restaurant business. Because people are busy now. They have no time to wait food at fancy restaurants. Thus, we opened German Prime Döner fast food restaurant for those who need healthy and affordable food with quick service. 

Our first branch was opened at SW from State Department Store on Sep, 2013. But it is closed now. Currently, we are operating with two branches. One is located in Gegeenten Entertainment center`s 2nd floor and the other one is located in Emart`s first floor. 

-What is the specific working method of cook? 
-A cook must be able to organize and plan not only cooking food but also everything needed in the kitchen. I try to put my heart and soul into my work and I want youths to work right from the beginning. I think, people learn new lessons from life everyday and busy people complete more tasks. Of course, I am a German and I am punctual. Also, I aim to do what I say and do any work comply with the standards. 

-Why you named "German Prime Döner"?
​-Döner is originated from Turkey. They introduced döner in Germany with different taste and ingredients from their local and we follow that technology. Moreover, we offer other German cuisines to our customers. That is why we named it "German Prime Döner". 

-What is the German Döner, what kind of food is it?
-German-style döners are seasoned meat processed into a large cylindrical loaf, roasted on a vertical spit, then thinly sliced with a long knife and wrapped in flat bread with vegetable toppings and, sometimes, a spicy sauce. In Germany, meat used in döner is prepared in production methods. However, we process the meat everyday by ourselves, (hand made) using Mongolian beef and chicken. Also, we buy the flavors from Germany and we use fresh and healthy recipes. We order breads from Turkish bakery. 

-How do you find running business in Mongolia?
Even döner is a fast food, we aim to deliver healthy and fresh food to our customers. Mongolian beef comes with variety of quality depending on local areas. Some are tough and some are tender. In Germany, döner meat is cut off directly from the grill. However, we fry it again here due to its raw inside. As a result, our döner meat become too dry and seems burned. 

Moreover, it is hard to find ingredients here. We buy flavors from Germany. Also, we are facing lack of professional cook and human resource. Therefore, we train our employees. 

Also, I wanted my customers to be honest and fair. I feel that people like to criticize each other when I see the posts of social media. If you face problem at somewhere you visit, you should talk to their manager first. But people prefer to write the problems on Facebook groups which can be ruined someone`s lifetime effort. They do not think of people behind the restaurants or places they visit.

-What are you focusing on now?
-We have just opened our New franchise "Pasta Girl" at Emart new shopping center's first floor to introduce actual Italian pasta's taste to Ulaanbaatar city with reasonable price and new way of serving and cooking which customers can see and witness the way their pasta would be cooked in front of them. We are serving not just Italian pasta, we are serving Pizza cooked in stone oven, Italian delicacies such us Trimasu, Panna Kotta and etc. We are proudly serving Italian taste with polite and courteous services while reaching our each customer's heart.

-How many employees do you have now?
-Currently we have 35 employees with 2 shifts. We work hard on to ease employee's working conditions by obtaining best equipment. Because we have 2 shifts system, students can work for us. I am so proud to say that our team have tendency to learn new knowledge, are always on time, have great greeting skills and perform work with their heart.

-What is your next goal?
-We are planning to open another of our branches in Center of Ulaanbaatar city and introduce new approach in Restaurant sector in Mongolia. Hopefully I will fulfill my plans soon.

-What is your advice for youths?
-It depends on person itself to be successful. So you always have to continue to learn, always love what you do, do your work from your heart, utilize your time efficiently and right. So I want to suggest that young people today always have to remember that you are the future of Mongolia, instead of wanting to do bigger, grand things, please do simple things, starting from yourself by becoming right or correct person and leave your life correct way by that you will contribute that much to future of Mongolia.

-Thank you for your time. Good luck. 

Photo by: D.Javkhlantugs

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