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In scope of Friendly Ulaanbaatar program, we introduce you the 20 historical and must-see sites and buildings in Ulaanbaatar city as series.

This time, we are pointing out the history of Ulaanbaatar city museum which offers a brief but insightful view of Ulaanbaatar’s history through old maps, photos and tapestries. 

History of Museum Building 

Buryat trader Tsogt Garmaevich Badamjav or Tsogtbadamjav has built the house for his own use in 1918-1919 and lived there with his family until 1932. 

Central Committee of the Mongolian People`s Party and Mongolian Military Staff have housed temporarily in the museum building in 1921.

Also, the museum building was served as Embassy of Tuva Republic during 1930, museum of D.Sukhbaatar during 1946-1953, Central Press Place during 1953-1956 and now it has operating as Ulaanbaatar city museum since 1956. 

The museum building has Eastern Siberian traditional style. Tsogtbadamjav has placed desk looking upward at its roof to celebrate the fall of the Russia empire and it has still preserved today. 

Location: Bayanzurkh District, 15th khoroo, east side of the Wrestling Palace
Working hours: 
9:00am – 6:00pm on Monday to Friday 
Price: Adults - MNT 1500, Students - MNT 1000, Children - MNT 500                          
Tel: 976-11-450960

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