Extracurricular activites available in Ulaanbaatar city

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2016-08-25 12:30 GMT+8

New school year is about to start in just a weeks time. We have inquired information on the extracurricular activities available for students available in Ulaanbaatar city.


One of the few places that offer child friendly learning environment is the Children's Creative Center named after Honored Teacher of Mongolia B.Tserendorj. 19 classes of hand crafts are available for this year.

The crafts classes are directed at developing creative thinking. The classes are offered for free with only registration fee of MNT 20,000. Classes offered are:

  1. Painting
  2. Carving
  3. Wall decorative carving
  4. Straw craft
  5. Straw knitting
  6. Souvenir doll craft 
  7. Ceramics
  8. Scissoring
  9. Beads craft
  10. Clothing design
  11. Leather craft
  12. Flight modelling
  13. Ship modelling
  14. Auto modelling
  15. Automatics electronic
  16. Primary classes  /2-5 grades/
  17. Craftsman
  18. Mongolian painting
  19. Felt crafts

Registration: Sep 1,2016. Everyday from 9AM to 5PM
Classes are offered for free for 2-5 years.


Children's Palace mainly offers classes directed at developing language skills, acting and arts skills through its 19 classes. Currently over 2,000 children attend the extracurricullar classes here. Language and arts classes are 2 year based. Registration starts on September 6th for following classes:

  1. Violin
  2. Piano
  3. Zither- piano
  4. Shanz- piano
  5. Khuuchir- dulcimer- solo
  6. Morin Khuur
  7. Keyboard
  8. Flute
  9. Dance
  10. Singing
  11. Drama
  12. Chess
  13. Painting
  14. Design
  15. Math
  16. Chinese
  17. Japanese
  18. English
  19. Dulcimer

Registration: from September 8th.

Detailed information on fees and schedule to be released after registrations.


Photo credits: news.barilga.mn

Established in 1975 as Young Technicians Palace has changed its name several times and is known currently as the Young Inventors Laboratory High School. 

Classes offered with professional incline /grades 9-10/:


  • Math
  • Foreign language
  • Advanced Chemistry classes 
  • Architecture-interior design
  • Graphics design
  • Clothing design
  • Chemical technology
  • Barber, aesthetician

Extracurricular Classes offered:

  • Flight modelling
  • Ship modelling
  • Auto modelling
  • Robotics electronics
  • Singing
  • Piano
  • Painting
  • Basketball

Registration: On August 22th.

Fees for classes are MNT 200,000 for a year.

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