54 vehicles purchased during ASEM organization


2016-08-26 12:19 GMT+8

Budget expenditure risen by MNT 2.3 billion this year. What was the reason of increased budget expenditure?

This year we have organized ASEM 11th meeting while took part in Rio 2016 Olympics which might caused the budget expenditure. 

According to the glass account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which obliges the public bodies to make all transactions of the public expenditures and procurement over 5 million MNT (approximately 2,300 USD) open to the public on their websites, products bought in June in scope of ASEM organization have reached MNT 538 million. 

In addition, Mongolia purchased 52 pieces of Toyota Prius, installed police package equipment by total of USD 1,671,904 (per price is USD 32,152) and two Mercedes Benz with USD 258,222 for ASEM organization. The 52 vehicles were transferred to the General police department while two Mercedes Benz were transferred to the State security service. 



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