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2016-09-02 12:06 GMT+8

Time machine might be just a science fantasy. However, we are time travelers scientifically. But we travel in only one direction, to the future. 

Specifically, we can see our own past. Even speed of light is the fastest possible speed, our brain spend certain time to process incoming data. 

That is why everything we see depends on the past. We have never seen the present and we will never see it. How about traveling to the past using our skills gifted from the god?

This is the astronomical observatory of Mongolia, Khurel Togoot, which is located on the Bogd mountain, about 15 km south-east of the capital city or east side of Sky Resort. The Khurel Togoot is the name of the site. 

Here you can be a tourist traveling to the past by observing the stars and planets. First of all, you will attend astronomy lesson which describes where we exist, where are we heading and who is living next to us. Scientists will tell you the best interesting facts. I bet you will like astronautics. 

Following you will see stars, moon and planets with telescope. You can observe two planets at once depending on several variables, including telescope capacity, planets location and weather condition. 

Saturn is visible this month and Jupiter is not able to be observed for a while depending on its location. 

Except planets, it is interesting to observe the sun and moon with telescope. For example, half moon looks very unique and it can be seen 300 times larger than its actual size.

Explosion and storm on the sun`s surface can be viewed by telescope with special filter. Therefore, you are enabled to watch the sun during the daytime while observing other planets and moon during the nighttime. 

First of all, you need to contact to the astronomical observatory of Mongolia, Khurel Togoot and ask for perfect time to visit. Note that you should come during sunset, if you would like to telescope Saturn. 

Astronomical observatory of Mongolia, Khurel Togoot had been closed to the public until 2013. But it is now open to the visitors on every Friday and Saturday. Also, you can visit with group of more than seven people on other days of a week.

It has maximum capacity of 50-60 people and has four telescopes. The entrance fee is MNT 7000 per person. Contact: 85050577

In addition, you can spend the night at the Khurel Togoot hotel. Prices for room with two single beds is MNT 60,000 and room with six single beds is MNT 80,000. Reservation is available at 91183342

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