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2016-09-02 15:04 GMT+8

Mongolian countryside is not all about basics when it comes to accommodation. Besides simple home stay at a nomadic family, or staying in the Gers of tourist camps with more or less the same standards, travellers can also embark themselves in lavishness at several spots across the country. Sweet Gobi geolodge is located in the steppes of Central Mongolia – only at an easy 4 hour drive from Ulaanbaatar to the west, and is well-known in Europe for offering a unique and eco-friendly experience and pleasant stay in the traditionally decorated Gers - jewel of the Mongolian nomadic architecture.

Nestled at a few kilometers from the geographic center of Mongolia, the Sweet Gobi geolodge offers a unique view on the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarhai, and the Sacred Mountain Khogno Khan - revered for centuries by the Mongols and place of worship for Buddhist monks and shamans. There’s a possibility of biking, horse riding, camel riding or hiking for adventure lovers. The 13th century Mongol Empire capital city Karakorum is only at 1.5 hour drive.  

In the Sweet Gobi Ger scented with incense of pine needles, you will want to wrap yourself in the warmth of the stove during cool summer nights while watching the starry skies through the Ger rooftop. Each of the Gers is 28 sq.m, and traditionally furnished all for the comfortable stay of guests. The king size bed with cotton sheets and cashmere blanket will help you finish your nights perfectly. Also guests can enjoy good quality tea or coffee any time of the day in the Gers.

The cuisine at Sweet Gobi is a wonderful combination of the local & western cuisine, buffet breakfast is served from 6am till 10am each morning. For lunch guests love devouring excellent local lamb or beef seasoned with aromatic herbs, and varieries of fresh salads are also served. Vegetarians are also well taken care of at Sweet Gobi geolodge, just inform the Chef when you arrive. Good choice of French wine is also offered.

Sweet Gobi geolodge does not only offer accommodation & food, but also they’re famous for their “Step & Spa”. Inspired by the nature beauty and tranquility of Mongolia, Step & Spa service is sensual, therapeutic and ecological all at the same time. Spare yourself some time for rejuvenating your energy and dive into a good night’s sleep after a body massage with a few drops of essential pine oil.

Sweet Gobi geolodge management says that they’ll be open until the end of September. For more information about Sweet Gobi geolodge or reservation, please contact the friendly Mongolian, French or English speaking staff at +976-70115534, you may also want to email them at info@dmd-mongolie.com , geolodges@outofnowhere.asia or visit http://www.outofnowhere.asia

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