Mongolia’s first satellite “Mazaalai” to be launched in 2017


2016-10-06 09:20 GMT+8

The first-ever satellite owned by Mongolia wich is named after the Mongolian Gobi bear – Mazaalai, and is expected to be sent off to the space in the spring of 2017, said the members of Birds Project team during their meeting with the Deputy PM U.Khurelsukh on Wednesday.

Scholars from Mongolia, Ghana, Japan, Bangladesh and Nigeria are working together to make this come true.

Due to the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate the project required MNT 100 million of extra cost. The Government of Mongolia have decided to reflect the cost in the 2017 government budget.

Having a satellite brings many advantages, said the Deputy PM, such as the ability to conduct independent space studies, capture the geographic picture of Mongolia and develop more accurate maps and better prevention of natural disasters, noted the Deputy PM and head of emergency affairs of Mongolia.

The team members shared their plan to launch the second satellite in 2019.

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