DP group evaluated the actions of newly formed government


2016-10-13 11:55 GMT+8

Democratic Party (DP) group in parliament reports its evaluation on actions for the first 100 days of newly formed government on Oct 12, 2016.

Deputy head of DP group in parliament, MP J.Batzandan says "It has been 100 days since the establishment of functional government formed by Mongolian People`s Party (MPP). However, MPP established non-functional government, consists of blood relatives and horse trainers. Also, they have passed some regulations and decisions that is differ from what they promised before the election".

What non-functional government did in 100 days:

  • Decreased allowances of teachers and doctors,
  • Canceled the Pension sharing law,
  • Halted scholarship to study in universities and institutes in abroad,
  • Halted monthly grant for students,   
  • Canceled Good Student Program,
  • Limited child benefits based on household income,
  • Canceled implementation of law on Child Protection and Law on Childcare service,
  • Recall Domestic violation law of Mongolia,
  • Stopped Good Yard Program and Ger District Redevelopment Project,
  • Halted actions of Criminal Law of Mongolia,
  • Decreased judges` salary,
  • Created new forms of Tax Laws and Increase Excise Tax on Tobacco, taxes on apartments and privately owned apartments
  • Halted Good Herder Program causing troubles and losses to civilians with such many bad policies.

The summing up on actions of the new government in 100 days says that it nears to threat the national sovereignty as the government is planning to increase debt ceiling up to 80 percent of GDP by 2020 and restoring several funds for budgets annulled by Law on Government Special Funds. 

DP group considered that MPP is backing off its promise by submitting draft laws which threats to citizens` livelihoods. 

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