Prime Ministers of Mongolia and Japan to hold official talks


2016-10-14 10:56 GMT+8

In scope of the official visit of the Prime Minister J.Erdenebat to Japan, Mongolia-Japan Trade and Investment Forum, aims to give insight into the investment environment and business opportunities in Mongolia,  was held and attended by representatives of 50 Mongolian companies and 240 Japanese companies. 

During the forum, following companies and investors have signed cooperation documents. 

  • Energy Resource LLC and Sumitomo Corporation have signed Memorandum of Understanding on coal sales and marketing cooperation .
  • "Tsagaan Chuluut" consortium and Suzuki shoukai have signed  Memorandum of Cooperation. 
  • Dry Milk LLC and Pirsai have signed exclusive distribution agreement.

Prime Minister gave interview for Nikkei newspaper and met with authority of Japan-Mongolia friendship community on Oct 13. 

Today Prime Minister is scheduled to have official talks with Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe to conform the contents and line of actions, to be realized in frames of the Mongolia-Japan Strategic Partnership.

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