Voter turnout for additional polling reaches 56 percent


2016-10-24 10:00 GMT+8

The additional polling for the election of citizens representatives khurals of soums and city districts took place yesterday during 7 am to 10 pm (October 23).

The additional polling was set to be held at 79 khoroos of capital city, where voter turnouts were under 50 percent. This time, only citizens who did not vote on Oct 19 were eligible to participate in additional voting. 

Voter turnout in capital city reached 56 percent yesterday. In other words, 70,264 citizens have voted. 

Previously, total of 860 thousand voters were registered in capital city, of which 413 thousand 212 voters or 48 percent of them have voted. 

Districts` voter turnout (by percent)

  • Baganuur - 53.4
  • Bayangol - 54.8
  • Bayanzurkh - 58.1
  • Songinokhairkhan - 54.1
  • Sukhbaatar - 58.4 
  • Khan-Uul - 56.8 
  • Chingeltei - 56.6 

Mongolian People`s Party won seats in six districts while Democratic Party won seats in three districts, reported by the General Election Committee. 

In regards to the additional polling, alcohol won't be sold and served on election day and day after election (Oct 23, 24) to prevent criminal activities. 

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