Turkish-Mongolian parliamentary friendship group visits Mongolia

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2016-10-25 15:26 GMT+8

Delegations, led by Mr Mehmet Erdogan, the head of the Turkey-Mongolia Friendship Group in the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey are paying an official visit to Mongolia on Oct 25-29th. 

In scope of the visit, the delegations are scheduled to meet with Speaker of the Parliament M.Enkhbold and the head of the Turkey-Mongolia Friendship Group in State Great Khural of Mongolia T.Ayursaikhan. Moreover, they will hold meetings with MP and the Minister of Defense B.Bat-Erdene and the members of the Mongolian Alumni Association of Turkish Universities “ATA”.

Following, the delegations will visit historic and cultural sites of Turkish empire located in Kharkhorin city and Nalaikh district. 

During the visit, the delegations will discuss the relations of legal institutions and exchange their views on events happening in politics, economy and social sector. 

Also, the delegation will give statement on Turkish coup attempt against state institutions. 

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