Temperature will reach -2 to -4C today

A.Ikhsanaa GoGo.mn

2016-11-01 09:42 GMT+8

Mostly cloudy at Northern parts of Central aimags. Decreased clouds at other regions. No snow in most regions. Winds from W in Western regions and NW in other regions will reach 5-10 m/s. Sometimes it will getting stronger reaching 12-14 m.s in Altai mountains and Arts Bogd. 

Temperature in Darhad hollow will be -13 to -18C, Khangai, Khentii mountainous areas, Kharaa, Yuruu, Tuul river basins will be -6 to -11C, Altai Gobi will be -3 to -8C, Gobi aimags will be 0-5C and other regions will be -4 to 1C. 

Decreased clouds in Ulaanbaar city. No snow is expected. Winds from NW will reach 6-11 m/s. Temperature will reach -2 to -4C. 

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