Mobicom corporation to cooperate with Zoological Society of London on protecting Mazaalai

2016-11-01 13:34 GMT+8

In scope of saving Mongolian endangered wildlife and protecting the Mazaalai, the Gobi bear, that is near to go extinct, the leading telecommunication partner in Mongolia, the Mobicom corporation has signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Zoological Society of London. 

Since 2015, the Mobicom corporation in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Institute of Biology and Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area have implemented number of projects to save Mazaalai, the only species of bear lives in Gobi. In further, the corporation has planned to work with the Word Wildlife Fund.

In 2015-2016, Mobicom corporation has completed following five works, cooperating with experts and professional organizations with the aim to improve living and research condition of Mazaalai and to deliver reliable information to the public.

  1. Enhanced precipitation for 4-5 hours in 6 soums using weather modification and created favorable condition to increase the plant growth that eaten by Mazaalai
  2. Installed 16 motion sensor cameras dedicated for research and delivering reliable information. As a result, about 35 Mazaalai were counted and registered. Also, other endangered wildlife including wild ass, bactrian wild camel and blacktail were recorded on the camera. The best news is that three Gobi bear babies are registered born in 2016. 
    Three Gobi bear babies are registered born in 2016.

  3. Fond to infiltrate and keep the precipitation, mountain flood and snow were built. 
  4. Prepared quality, mixed and nutritional supplements for Mazaalai and gathered the seeds of woody plants that is grown in Altai Uvur Gobi.  
  5. Installed GPS collars for Mazaalai to study the daily lifestyle of Mazaalai. 

In scope of the cooperation, the parties have planned to install the latest motion sensor cameras in Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area. 

Global warming is going relatively rapid and ​annually-averaged air temperature for Mongolian surface have increased by 2.1C while annual precipitation decreased by 7%​ for 75 years (during 1940-2014). However, wildlife extinction have caused by many factors. The most harmful reasons for extinction is illegal hunting. 

Mobicom corporation and Zoological Society of London has planned to done following works. 

  1. Cooperate on delivering the result of a study conducted in scope of reducing the illegal wildlife trade 
  2. Organize events that call for public to save endangered wildlife 
  3. Deliver correct understanding of the harmful effects on biodiversity to the public 
  4. Change public attitudes on using wildlife-based products and deliver the right information 
  5. Promote the legislation and rules about wildlife 
  6. Improve prevention for the illegal hunting 
  7. Publish articles about Mongolian environment and wildlife 

David Holiday, CEO, Mobicom Corporation and Gitanjali Bhattacharya, Programme Manager for ZSL's South and Central Asia

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