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2016-11-03 14:30 GMT+8

"Ugalz" sheepskin seat cover went on sale on Nov 1 and caught the attention of many. The sheepskin seat cover will not give out a smell due to it is processed with special technology. Also, hair loss will not occur. 

We interviewed with M.Undrakh, CEO, Darkhan Dush LLC, the producer of "Ugalz" sheepskin seat cover. He is a marketing manager by profession and started his business jointly with his friend. 

-Would you give us more information on "Ugalz" sheepskin seat cover? I have heard that your product caught many drivers attention. 
-Our company is producing two types of sheepskin seat covers. One of them is made with Turkish technology and the other one is produced using traditional technology. Mongolian sheepskin is perfect for keeping the heat during the cold weather. Everyone knows that sheepskin products are warm, healthy and makes a favorable impression for people. That is why we started our business.

-How about the sales?
-Honestly, we have not expected such a high demand. Product sales is going pretty well from the first day to the market. Many people, willing to buy our product are contacting to us. Our finished products are likely to finish soon and we might receive orders. 

-How about the price?
-Front pair seat covers made with Turkish technology is MNT 250,000, and single seat cover is MNT 130,000. Front pair seat covers made with traditional technology is MNT 150,000 and single seat cover is MNT 80,000. We would like to highlight the Turkish technology. Because there is no other products made with using Turkish technology are available in Mongolia. We are the first. 

-When did you get the idea of your product?
-We have found the idea one month before and started to develop the business plan. The first product has released after production process. 

-Customers say that the price is quite high. Tell me more on the cost of your products?
-We process per sheepskin by MNT 20,000. We have to process 3.5 sheepskin for one pair of seat covers. Moreover, sheepskin tailor is hard to find. Thus, we pay high salary for tailors and there are many other expenses we need to cover. However, people tend to think that our product is expensive not even thinking about the cost. People should understand that we take profit from many products, not from only one product. 

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-How many employees there are? 
-We have more than 20 employees. We offer delivery service to the customers even they are not planned to buy our products. People should feel free to call us and feel the quality of our product. 

-Drivers need steering wheel cover during the cold weather. What is your next product?
-We have planned to produce more products including steering wheel cover. In addition, now we produce only covers for front seats. We have planned to produce covers for back seats in further. We are not yet produced the next product due to our sales has just started a day ago. Also, we need more sheepskin tailor. If any sheepskin tailor read the interview, please contact us. 

-"Ugalz" seat cover is a seasonal business. What will you do after winter? Could you tell me your future goal?
-Of course, product sales will drop when warm weather approaches. At that time, we will produce other products made with sheepskin. Also, we are aiming to export sheepskin. Mongolian sheepskin has ammonia smell. But the Turkish technology that we use filtrates oil from the sheepskin and eliminates the smell. 

Australia has high demand of sheepskin rug. Thus, we have an opportunity to export our sheepskin products. We will try our best to sell Mongolian sheepskin to the world market. 

For more information on "Ugalz" seat cover, please click HERE or contact at 7777-9797. 

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