Photo report from "Goyol 2017" fashion festival


2016-12-02 10:04 GMT+8
Top models /from the left/ O.Uyanga, O.Purevdulam, Kh.Badamgerel, Kh.Uyanga, G.Urantsetseg, S.Ariunbileg, E.Selenge.

Fashion industry bests were named last night (Dec 01) during the 29th annual "Goyol 2017" Fashion Festival. The most awaited nominations at "Goyol" have been Best Designer and Top Model winners ever since the festival was initiated by Mongolian Designer Association.

However, this year Top Model award has not been awarded. 

"No models were required to hold the Top Model title, this year", said by the Secretary of Mongolian Designer Association Kh.Baigalmaa. 

Best Designer award went to O.Urantsetseg, desinger at "Ertnii Mongol Hiits" and Best Female Model award went to D.Dolgion while Best Male Model award went to Azjargal. 

Winner of Best Female Model award D.Dolgion said:

"Goyol" is the first and biggest fashion festival in Mongolia. It is honor for me to win this award. Therefore, I will take my full responsibility and try my best in the future. 

Winner of Best Male Model award Azjargal said:

"I have started my career in modelling 12 years ago. During that time, I attended "Goyol" fashion festival for 10 times. I won Asian Star Model award in 2011 and I am very pleased to receive awards from "Goyol" after six years since then".

Best Designer awards went to:

  • Grand Prix: O.Urantsetseg, desinger at "Ertnii Mongol Hiits
  • National costume: M.Enkhtuya
  • Avant-garde: Kh.Tserenlhagva, designer at Precious Fashion House
  • Casual: designers of Evseg LLC 
  • Best Young Designer: I.Urangoo, designer at Urangoo Ider brand 
  • Special Award Designer: S.Ganzorig, designer at J&C LLC, N.Unenbat, Tserenhand, designers at Monline LLC 

Bests of Goyol 2015:

  • Best Male Model: Azjargal 
  • Best Female Model: D.Dolgion 
  • Second runner up: Ts.Altantuya
  • Photo model: O.Ariunzul
  • Photo model: N.Anu 
  • Best Fashion House - Master Dodo LLC 
  • Best Make up Artist: G.Narmandakh, Narumi studio
  • Best Hairstylist: D.Odongoo, hairstylist at Vidal salon

Model Azjargal

Model G.Zolboo

Model O.Khulangoo

Model Adiya

Special nomination award went to designer S.Ganzorig, J&C LLC

Special nomination award went to designers Unenbat and Tserenkhand, Monline LLC

Best Young Designer award went to I.Urangoo, designer at Urangoo Ider brand

Best make up artist award went to G.Narmandakh, Narumi studio

Best Photographer M.Tsoggerel

Best National Costume Designer award went to M.Enkhtuya

Best Casual Design award went to designers of Evseg LLC

Best Tradional Costume Designer award went to B.Baasansuren, designer at Ur Undrakh LLC

Best Fashion House award went to Master Dodo LLC

Best Designer Grand Prix O.Urantsetseg, Ertnii Mongol Hiits LLC

Best Young Model award went to G.Burd

Photo Model O.Ariunzul

Photo Model N.Anu

Second runner up Ts.Altantuya

Best Female Model D.Dolgion

Photo by D.Javkhlantugs

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