Glossary of some local common Mongolian words

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2016-12-21 10:20 GMT+8

As we are all different nations with unique cultures, there are some words that cannot be translated literally. So, here is the short a list of some useful local common Mongolian words.

Aimag – The largest administrative unit in Mongolia. There are 21 aimags, which are divided into soums
Aduu –a group of horses
Airag – A traditional Mongolian drink made from fermented horse’s milk
Argal (mouflon) – A species of wild sheep with a pair of curved horns
Argal – dried cow dung that herders use to make heat
Bayan khodood – The title given to the last horse in the two-year-old race during the festival of Naadam
Bituun – ‘To close down’ – the name given to the eve of Tsagaan Sar, New Year
Buuz – A type of steamed dumpling stuffed with minced meat (usually mutton or beef). Buuz is usually served during Tsagaan Sar
Banshtai Tsai – a simple rice tea with some dumplings
Gher – A round makeshift dwelling, easily constructed and dismantled into component parts. Gher districts are often found on the outskirt of cities
Gobi – A large desert area in the south of Mongolia, with a hot climate and low levels of rainfall
Idee – A type of layered confection made during Tsagaan Sar and Naadam, Built up from an odd number of layers of Ul Boov
Khadag – A blue silk scarf that is highly honored in Buddhism and made from finely woven high-quality silk
Khuushuur – a kind of food that is fried dough with some meat inside. It also can be made with other ingredients, including vegetables, et cetera
Khamriin tamkhi – Snuff
Khuurug – ‘Khamriin tamkhi” box. It is an important accessories for men
Mazaalai – A rare species of bear found only in the Gobi Desert
Naadam – The national holiday celebrating Mongolian independence, held annually in July from 11-13. The festival comprises a series of competitive events in wrestling, horse-racing and archery
Soum – A town within an aimag
Suutei tsai – salted milk tea. This is the most common beverage that Mongolians have every day
Takhi – A rare wild horse, once on the verge of extinction in Mongolia, but recently successfully reintroduced
Tuiren – A type of devastating sandstorm that occurs in the Gobi Desert. These can spread for hundreds of kilometers
Tsuivan - A stew with vegetables, meat, and fresh or fried noodles
Ul Boov – A type of biscuit, that is shaped to resemble the sole of the foot that Mongolian families use for “Idee” for “Tsagaan Sar” and “Naadam”
Ulsyn Ikh Hural – (The State Great Khural or State Great Assembly) is the unicameral parliament of Mongolia. It is located in the Government Palace
Uuts – sheep’s back and bigger tails, is a must on the table. Uuts would be cooked for the Tsagaan Sar and other important events and occasions
Zolgolt – A traditional Mongolian greeting, usually given at New Year, in which young people hold older family members under the elbows to indicate their support.

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