Accused for S.Zorig’s murder sentenced to 24-25 years in prison


2017-01-02 11:35 GMT+8

After 5 days of trial, the court made the final decision on December 27. The court indicted 24-25 years of imprisonment to the defendants B.Sodnomdarjaa, T.Chimgee and Ts.Amgalanbaatar, residents of Orkhon province.

Prosecutor-General delivers explanation on the case of S.Zorig’s murder

At the today's meeting of session of the State Great Khural, some parliament members raised questions about the prosecutor’s conclusion on the case of S.Zorig’s murder, during the discussion about appointing B.Amgalanbaatar to the office of deputy prosecutor-general.

The Prosecutor-General, Mr M.Enkh-Amgalan said “The prosecutor’s office considered the case as proved and proceeded to the court. In the result of five-day trial, the defendants were found guilty”.

“In case of complaints, the defendants can appeal to the higher instance court. According to the conclusion by the prosecutor’s office, the defendants are condemned for murder of S.Zorig, murder of 4 other people for concealing their crimes. The decision will be certain after the appellate trial”, he said.

In turn, the vice speaker Ts.Nyamdorj instructed the prosecutor to make the appellate trial public.

S.Oyun: We, the victims, are doubtful about the verdict is well grounded.

Younger sister of the deceased S.Zorig and former member of the parliament S.Oyun had been demanding a public trial. She did not attend the trial, because her demand has not been met. After announcing of the court decision, she issued a statement expressing her position.

“We, the victims, are doubtful about the validity of this court decision. The case was regarded as the top state secret and for this the trial was held in closed regime. Neither prosecutor's office nor the court admitted our request to run the trial open for the public and make public legal proceedings that do not belong to the category of state secret. Our lawyers represented the victims at the trial to explain our position on legal grounds. We consider that the case regarding the organizers and executors of the made-to-order murder  have not been finalized with this trial”, she said in the official statement.

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