Extreme cold weather is expected from Jan 19


2017-01-03 11:03 GMT+8

Cold air outbreak from Siberia will hit the northwest half of Mongolia on Jan 18th and bring extreme cold weather in most regions during Jan 19-21st. 

Freezing night temperature in Uvs lake, Ider, Tes, Khan-Khukhii, Kharkhiraa, Turgen mountains and Darkhad hollow will reach -42C to -47C. 

Snow is expected in Western and Central aimags on Jan 17th, Central, Western and Eastern aimags on Jan 18-19th and some areas on Jan 20th. 

On theses days, wind will reach 14-16 m/s and sometimes it will reach 18-20 m/s n Gobi regions, resulting strong snow and dust storm. Thus, the residents are warned of risk of frostbite. Due to strong snow and dust storms, roads will be closed. 

Temperature in Orkhon-Selenge, Kharaa, Yuruu, Tuul, Terelj, Onon, Ulz, Khalkh river basins will be -35C to -40C. 

The penetrating cold can cause problems to the livestock grazing, road and railway transport, energy and heat supply​.

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