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2017-01-09 11:21 GMT+8

Ger districts of the Ulaanbaatar city, where people live with no access to the central heating system and rely on coal-burning stoves to survive temperatures that fall below minus 35 degrees Celsius, is expanding day by day while resulting hazardous levels of air pollution. 

In other words, more than 200 thousand of chimneys in the city produce 80 percent of air pollution. 


The number of ger district households of Ulaanbaatar city have risen by 41 thousand in the last five years. 

Number of people migrating to the city from rural areas have risen continuously due to lack of workplaces and poor living conditions in the countryside. As of today, more than 19 thousand highly educated and unemployed exist in Bayan-Ulgii aimag, says the Governer of the Bayan-Ulgii aimag. 

Ger district spread out to the cemetery

According to the study conducted in 2015, 58.1 percent of total households of the Ulaanbaatar city are residing in ger districts and remaining 41.9 percent reside in housings or apartments. 

"Migration causes air pollution. One third of the people living in the ger districts are migrants from rural areas", says Public health expert and Dr. Ch.Oyuntsetseg. 


The Government implemented improved stoves project and provided them to 170 thousand of ger district households. However, it worsened the situation. Currently, the country has no specific program to reduce air pollution except providing free nighttime electricity to ger district households at a loss.

What we can do to reduce the pollution? Let`s do everything depending on us. Let`s warm up the houses, use free nighttime electricity and plant trees in the spring. We at GoGo news agency call for citizens to build green facilities which is the most cost-effective action that can be implemented anywhere as well as can cover many people. 

For instance;

  • Elm absorbs 23 kg,
  • Bush absorbs 38 kg,
  • Aspen absorbs 34 kg,
  • Yellow acacia tree absorbs 0.2 kg of dust annually. 

​Moreover, 1 square meter  lawn evaporates 200 grams of water daily and moisturizes and purifies the air.  

According to the study, trees in 1 hectares of land purify 18 million cubic meters of air and absorb 30-35% of smoke. Woody plants reduce air pollution to 40 percent and absorb 26 percent of noise in the winter. If ger district households plant trees in their yard, it will be a substantial contribution in reducing air and soil pollution. 


Ulaanbaatar city is facing lack of green facility. The city is decorated with annual plants in the summer. Therefore, every citizen should participate actively in creating green facilities. 

This year "Soyolj" gardening center will sell seedlings that has been grown since 2011. Seedlings of 15 species of trees and bushes will be sold for 2500 to 19,000 MNT. Elm, yellow acacia and poplar are grown faster in our country. Seedling price of those trees vary on the aging and costs about 2500 to 8000 MNT. 

"Tree is natural feature that requires passion and effort from people to grow. First of all, you need seedlings, shovels, cutlasses, fertilizer and 100 liters of water. The most significant factor for growing tree successfully is care. Ger district households need only 20,000 MNT, passion and effort to plant a tree in their yards", Head of Soyolj garden center D.Damba says. 

Tree planting helps to contribute valuable investment for the future. 

If you live in ger district and you have coal burning stove in your house, you should be responsible and plant a tree. Plant trees equal to the number of chimneys in your yard. Even if you live in housings or apartment, let`s plant trees together with your neighbors. 

GoGo news agency initiated tree planting challenge and calling for citizens of the Ulaanbaatar city. Further our agency will deliver series of publications regarding the challenge. 

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