Migration to Ulaanbaatar city stops until 2018


2017-01-10 09:55 GMT+8

On Jan 9, City Mayor and City Governor S.Batbold has issued an order to stop migration to the Ulaanbaatar city from rurals until Jan 1, 2018, aiming to reduce air pollution. 

According to the order, people in need of long-term treatment in Ulaanbaatar city and people who purchased housing in Ulaanbaatar city are allowed migrate to the city. 

In other cases, migration of people from rural to Ulaanbaatar city is banned. 

Inspectors of City professional inspection agency and Air quality agency will monitor the implementation. 

Every citizen of Mongolia has the right to migrate. However, the country is facing problems that might affect national security. Thus, City Mayor has issued this order based on long-term study and professional recommendation. 


City Mayor has issued two more orders to tackle air pollution. 

For instance, the city will determine the residential areas. Setting up new ger-district areas at the outer parts of the chosen residential areas is prohibited. 

Moreover, city mayor divided air pollution of Ulaanbaatar city into four zones, considering the current air quality index. 

Further, city is planning to ban the most polluting vehicles. 

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