Government`s actions against air and environmental pollution


2017-01-23 12:26 GMT+8

On Jan 10th, National Security Council of Mongolia held a meeting under topic of "Air and Environmental Pollution of Ulaanbaatar city" and discussed actions to be implemented in short and long terms.

At the meeting, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat has introduced the actions to be implemented by the Government of Mongolia. 

Actions to be implemented in 2017

In scope of free nighttime electricity discount, the Government will provide electricity meter with dual-tariff equivalents to 36.4 households.

The government proposed commercial banks to establish green loan fund to grant loans to households that will use electric heaters.

Establish a fund against air pollution.

Develop national program against air pollution.

Provide briquette to 23 thousand households.

Create campaigns to encourage good habits for the public.

Install smoke filters to vehicles.

Entitle paid leave for parents of the children up to age of five years, who receive a three to five days of treatment.

Cover costs of 10 types of medicines for children up to age of five years, who are suffering from influenza-like illnessийг үнэгүй олгоно.

Government of Mongolia has budgeted MNT 100 billion for the implementation of the actions.

Actions to be implemented in MID-TERM /2-3 years/

Restrict fossil fuel use step by step

Improve infrastructure of ger districts and build housing. Of which US$ 50 million from Chinese soft loan will be funded to the construction of housing in 100 ail area.

Scientists and researchers will conduct study on how to improve heat insulation of Mongolian ger.

Restrict the import of used vehicles.

City buses to run on compressed natural gas.

Increase the number of air quality monitor.

Create a partial heat supply.

Start an expiremental project to construct heating plant to run on natural gas

Actions to be implemented in LONG-TERM

Develop regions to reduce migration to cities.

Implement central and partial heat supply policies.

Develop city development plan with vision.

Improve public participation.

At the meeting, City Mayor S.Batbold has introduced the actions to be implemented in Ulaanbaatar.

Actions to be implemented in UB CITY

Set up new residential areas at the outer parts of the city, especially in Nalaikh, Baganuur, Bagakhangai and Tuv aimag.

Create four smoke free zones in Ulaanbaatar city to increase the air quality.

Organizations and entities located in smokeless zones shall use gas or electric heaters.

Prohibit households to burn waste such as, old tires, used oil and plastics.

Supply air filter to secondary schools and kindergartens in 2017-2018.

Stop migration to the city from rurals until 2018.

Ban use of non-standard stoves starting Apr 1, 2017.

Install filter on buses and refuse diesel engine.

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