MP B.Delgersaikhan donates MNT 100 million to the state budget


2017-01-31 14:42 GMT+8

Member of Parliament B.Delgersaikhan announced to donate MNT 100 million to the state budget today. 

He states: "The Government is scheduled to repay the Development Bank`s USD 580 million bond in March, 2017. However, the country is in a deep state of economic crisis. Therefore, I have decided to donate MNT 100 million, appealing other members of Parliament and companies to join for this initiative". 

MP B.Delgersaikhan has running business in mining sector since 1993 and he is the founder of Bold Tumur Yuruu Gol LLC. 

Moreover, MP N.Oyundari has expressed its support for this initiative and promised to donate certain amount of money to the state budget. 


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