MPs joining the donation campaign to save the economy

Journalist A.Odontuya

2017-02-02 16:32 GMT+8

Parliament members have started joining the donation campaign that aims to save the economy. Today MP J.Batzandan announced to donate his three months` salary to the state budget. 

He said that rich people should join the donation campaign. Also, politicians with offshore account should donate their hidden money too. Donating is a patriotic initiative. Public want us to spend the donation wisely. Thus, it should be monitored. 

On Jan 31st, economist B.Osorgarav has initiated the donation campaign among the people and donated MNT 10 million, 10 horses and his golden ring. Following, MP B.Delgersaikhan agreed to donate MNT 100 million, noting that the Government is scheduled to repay the Development Bank`s USD 580 million bond in March, 2017, however, the country is in a deep state of economic crisis.

Moreover, MP N.Oyundari has expressed her support for this initiative and promised to donate certain amount of money to the state budget. 

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