Recommendation of the National Security Council of Mongolia on air pollution

2017-02-03 11:31 GMT+8

The National Security Council of Mongolia have discussed on “Air and Environmental Pollution in the Capital City” upon hearing the presentation made by J.Erdenebat, Prime Minister of Mongolia, and the additional information provided by S.Batbold, Governor of Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City and recommends the following;

To the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia:

  1. To acknowledge that air, water, soil pollution has reached disaster levels, and to make necessary amendments to the relative legislation to improve the legal environment for operating in a state of emergency and establishing disaster zone, quarantine measures, population resettlement, rehabilitation and urban re-planning;
  2. To create the legal environment to implement the relocation of central government bodies, the railway, universities and related infrastructures;
  3. To create the legal environment for establishing a duties and accountability system of all government bodies, officials in charge, business enterprises and citizens to implement relative laws and to reduce air and environmental pollution;
  4. To provide the necessary legal environment for ensuring participation and cooperation of citizens and enterprises in reducing environmental pollution;
  5. To discuss on air and environmental pollution upon including the issue in agenda of every parliamentary session, and when necessary, upon convening extraordinary sessions;
  6. To hold an extraordinary session in the first quarter of the 2017 to discuss the sections 1-4 of this recommendation and to finalize the National plan on air and environmental pollution reduction.

To the Government of Mongolia:

  1. To submit to the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia draft laws and rulings as stated in 1-4 of this recommendation as well as draft National plan by February 20, 2017;
  2. To develop a detailed executive plan for the National plan on air and environmental pollution reduction with a clear designation of organizations and officials in charge, time frames and financial resources;
  3. To reorganize the National Committee for Air Pollution Reduction (to be renamed as National Emergency Committee for Reducing Environmental Pollution) and to operate in emergency principles;
  4. To hold quarterly Cabinet meetings to discuss air and environmental pollution, when necessary to hold special meetings.

To the Citizen’s Representative Khurals of Aimags and the Capital City (Local Parliaments):

  1. To discuss local environmental pollution issues at Citizen’s Representative Khurals of aimags and the Capital City and to develop and implement special plans;
  2. To call upon all enterprises, organizations and individuals to actively participate and cooperate in environmental pollution reduction.

To the Secretary of the National Security Council:

  1. To summarize the proposals made during the extended meeting of the National Security Council to be delivered to the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government for inclusion in the National plan for air and environmental pollution reduction;
  2. To oversee the implementation of the recommendations issued by the National Security Council on environmental pollution. 
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